I saw happy growers

In the last week of August 2023, I had a chance to see Multicote™ in action. During a visit in North West Europe, accompanied by our local team, I met with growers of nursery plants in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
The best Multicote™ ever
“Multicote™ Premier is a product I can count on” is a claim I heard from many of the growers”. They expressed their confidence in the product, and their high satisfaction with the growth results they obtain when they use it. Some of the growers told us that after testing, they replaced other CRFs they used with Multicote™ Premier.  
Multicote™ Premier formulae contain Multi-K™ potassium nitrtate and chelated iron, ingredients that make it indeed the best Multicote™ we have ever produced.


Complete solutions for better growth
During my visit, I was happy and proud to see how Haifa’s comprehensive nutritional solutions are practiced. Experienced growers take advantage of the various technologies we offer to provide their growing plants with optimized nutrition and enjoy superior growth results.
Typically, the growers use Multicote™ Premier as base fertilizer, complete the nutrition with Poly-Feed™   and Haifa Micro™ according to needs they identify throughout the season, and supplement with HaifaStim™ biostimulants to improve the plants overall performance and to enhance tolerance to high or low temperatures.


On the way to another successful growth season: while Multicote™ is already incorporated in the growth medium, the shopping cart contains some supplements: Haifa VitaPhos-K™, HaifaStim™ Vigor and HaifaStim™ Wall-Up S.

Gadi Shiftan is Haifa’s CRF marketing manager.