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Haifa GrowClean™ - Sodium free phosphate fertilizer with cleaning effect

Keeping the system clean and let the plants grow safely. 

Multi-K potassiumnitrate, Haifa MKP® and Haifa MAP®: these fertilizers are used throughout the world in (greenhouses) horticulture and have been produced by Haifa for many years.


The phosphate in traditional fertilizers (such as MKP, MAP and water soluble NPK) is in the form of orthophosphate. This type of phosphate has the characteristic that it easily form a compound with calcium, magnesium and iron. As soon as this compound is formed it will participate in the system. It is then no longer available for the plant and can even cause blockages of the dripping system.

At a higher pH and/or a large volume of phosphate the amount of participation will increase. The result of this; less phosphate is available for the plant. An increase of phosphate does not result in improved availability for the plant because this precipita- tion reaction increases unproportionally.

After the introduction of polyphosphate many growers saw that polyphosphate in a low dosage, keeps the system clean form participation and in a higher dosage it gives extra vegetative growth to the plants. Disadvantage of the use of polyphosphates is the high pH of the product which makes it necessary to add acid in the fertilizer tank and sometimes it contains a high level of sodium. 

With the introduction of Haifa GrowClean™ this disadvantage is a thing of the past.



Check out the advantages of Haifa GrowClean™

♦  It cleans your dripping system and prevents mineral deposits
♦  All mineral elements are available and remaining available
♦  Ready-to-use product: adding acid to the system is not necessary
♦  Can be added directly into the fertilizer tank
♦  Low sodium

How does it work
The unique polyphosphate used in both products remains stable in the solution even at a high pH and a high dosage rate (above 62 mg/ltr P). It does not give any precipitation with other elements. The polyphosphate even ensures that elements - which have precipitated - are re-dissolved. So growers are achieving an improved efficiency of the elements that are provided.

Dose for a clean system
The standard recommendation is a dose rate of 30.9 mg/ltr P from Haifa GrowClean™. 
Note: if used from the start of the season – and the system is clean - a dose rate of 15.5 mg/lt P from Haifa GrowClean™ is enough.

For more vegetative growth 

The recommendation is a dose rate between 30.9 and 61.8 mg/ltr from Haifa GrowClean™.


Elements Haifa GrowClean


5% (5,5%N)


31% (13,6%P)


40% (33,5%K)


Assuming a 1000 ltr tank 100 times concentrated the following amount is needed:

Dose Haifa GrowClean

15.5 mg/ltr P

11 kg

30.9 mg/ltr P

22 kg

46.4 mg/ltr P

33 kg

61.8 mg/ltr P

44 kg

* The recommended doses are averages for all crops. Not all crops react in the same way to GrowClean.

Therefore it’s advisable to discuss the exact dose with your adviser or supplier

Haifa GrowClean™ brochure