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An excellent yield quality with Haifa’s Greenhouse Grade products

Owned by three partners, the Los Mogotes farm is known by its quality tomatoes and chili peppers

Span on 40 hectares, the farm is located in Tanhuato, Michoacán state, Mexico.Red pepper

In their net-houses and macro-tunnels, the Los Mogotes growers provide nutrients to their crops through advanced drip irrigation systems. Haifa’s Greenhouse Grade (GG) water soluble fertilizers are being used at the farm for a few years, including Haifa Cal™, calcium nitrate fertilizer.



Mr. Pedro Vázquez Quevedo, one of Los Mogotes’s owners, says: “We are using Haifa’s GG Products for many years. With Haifa we can get security in our crops, getting yield with excellent quality, as we know the nutrients content in the products guaranteed by analysis”.



Mr. Pedro Vázquez Quevedo: ‘We are using Haifa’s GG Products for many years”


A co-owner of the farm, Mr. Iván Vázquez López added: “Another thing we like in Haifa products is the solubility. It is fast and without insoluble matter. We usually buy all the fertilizers in advance for all crops' cycle, and store them in our warehouses. We noticed that Haifa products don´t uptake moisture from the environment, a problem we had a few years back with other brands”.



Mr. Iván Vázquez López and Ing. Diego Armando Vazquez Lopez. Bringing top quality yield to the market