Fertirrigation Almond crop in Zamora, Spain

Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer for almonds in San Cebrián de Castro, Spain

Learn how Haifa Poly-Feed™ helped Spanish Almond grower answer the need for cultivating efficiently for optimum  growth


Haifa Iberia has made several visits to new almond plantations in the Zamora area, which are using the Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer to perform the crop fertirrigation and have been able to exchange views with farmers in the area. A farmer from San Cebrián de Castro has about 13 ha of almonds of the Guara variety, planted with a drip irrigation system and a plantation density of 289 trees / ha. This farmer told us that in his second year of cultivation he has observed that the trees are in a state of perfect vigor and optimum vegetative growth. In the words of the farmer "I like the result that the manure is having".




Poly-Feed ™ is a range of fully water-soluble micronutrient-enriched NPK fertilizers, formulated to provide complete nutrition to the plant throughout its development cycle in all cropping systems.
Poly-Feed ™ has a wide range of formulas and compositions that meet the needs of plants with all types of cultivation system. Its use provides us with savings in time and effort in the preparation and accurate composition of the nutrient solution without errors, producing no waste or loss of expensive raw materials.
Poly-Feed ™ is a range of fertilizers suitable for Nutrigation ™ with the following features:


  • Elaborated by the leading company in fertirrigation, with more than 45 years of experience in the sector, using the highest standards of quality and environment.
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients, using Potassium Nitrate (Multi-K ™) in its composition.
  • Fully soluble in water, safe for use in all irrigation systems
  • Composed exclusively by nutrients for plants
  • They do not contain chloride, sodium, or other elements detrimental to plants
  • Enriched with high levels of chelated metal micronutrients (EDTA)
  • Available in a wide variety of formulas.