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2010 Crop Recommendations Hydroponic Lettuce

Abstract: Biological control of pests in hydroponic Lettuce requires a change in thinking for the grower as well as the supplier of the products. The old concept of maintaining a balance of pests and predators/parasitoids does not work in a crop where any insect or mite found on the plants is a negative. At Applied Bio-nomics we have found that fresh beneficial insects and mites perform better and faster. We have, as a result, minimized or eliminated the storage of the products where there is a degradation in quality and performance over time. These “fresh” products fly farther, live longer, lay more eggs, and are actually smarter than the stored product available else ware. The result is that “fresh” beneficials are capable of prevention of pests at low, regular introductions. The house must be clean and free of all extra plant materials. Office plants should be fake.