The Effect of Nitrogenous and Phosphate Fertilizers of the Properties on the Vegetative Growth and Aromatical Oil Yield of Local Mint

A field experiment was carried out the season 2005-2006 in private farm in Najaf province to investigate
2 5 four mixture of nitro g e n o u s a nd phosphate fertilizers i.e. (0, 100 kg N/ha, 150 kg P O /ha, and 100 kg N/ha
+ 2 5 150 kg P O /ha) on vegetative growth properties and oil yie ld o f lo c al mint. A simple experiment was
performed through Completely Randomized Design (C.R.D.) with thre e re p lic a tes. The mean results compared
according to L.S.D. (Least significant Difference) with 5% probability leve l. Th e re sults showed that the
nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers has improved the vegetative growth pro p e rties (plant height, number of
leaves and branches, vegetative yield (ton/ha) and total chlorophyll content in leaves). Oil y ie ld increased
s 2 5 ignificantly compared with non-fertilized plants. So, the fertilized plant with (100 kg N/ha + 150 kg P O /ha)
gave the highest parameters, since the plant height (64.26 cm), number of branches (8.36 branch/plant),
vegetative yield (10.44 ton/ha) and total chlorophy ll (7.01 mg/100 g fresh weight). In addition there is
significant increas e in oil yield to (53.72 kg /ha) as compared non-fertilized which gave the least vegetative
parameters and less oil yield (46.71 kg/ha). The conclusio n of this experiment is that using nitrogenous and
phosphate fertilizers together have improved the vegetative growth, oil yield of the local mint plant.



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