Effects of fertigation regime on blossom end rot of vegetable fruits | Asher Bar-Tal and Benny Aloni

The relationships between blossom end rot (BER) of vegetable fruits and fertigation regimes are reviewed. Many fruit disorders are affected by nutrient deficiencies or unbalanced nutrition: BER, gold specks, green back, blotchy ripening, color spots, malformation, hollowness and fruit cracking. Numerous studies have shown that BER is a mineral disorder and that its occurrence could be reduced by improving the supply of specific nutrients. The sensitivity of vegetable  fruits to BER varies greatly among cultivars,   environmental conditions and fertigation regimes. Some interactions between environmental conditions and fertigation regime are presented. The relation between BER and Ca nutrition is described and discussed in detail. The possibility that Mn may also play a role in the development of BER is discussed.


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