Good agricultural practices for sugar cane

Abstract: Thailand is in the top rank of the exporters of sugar in the world. Nevertheless, there is still needs to formulate the good practices in sugarcane cultivation to produce safe and quality raw material for sugar processing. Additionally, the practices shall also include the environment issues that might be the case of trade barrier in the future. Therefore, the Agricultural Standards Committee deems it necessary to establish an agricultural standard on Good Agricultural Practices for Sugarcane. The standard is based on the information of the following documents: Department of Agriculture. 2008. Good Agricultural Practices for Sugarcane (GAP No. 19). 1st print. Bangkok: the Agricultural Co-operatives Federation of Thailand Publisher Ltd., pp. 26. TAS 9001- 2009. Thai Agricultural Standard: Good Agricultural Practices for Food Crops, Bangkok: National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and food Standards.

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