Haifa Cal™ Prime - Innovative fertilizer of Haifa Group

Haifa Cal Prime contains a high level of CaO and a low level of N-NH4! Below you see the percentages of
this fertilizer:


CaO N-Total N-NH4 N-NO3
33% 17% 0,30% 16,70%


When we dig in, in our market (Netherlands, Belgium) we see different Calcium fertilizers coming from different factories. Near Haifa Cal Prime (Haifa) we see other water-soluble products, but also liquid Calcium nitrate products.
There are 2 factory’s who produced liquid products, Yara and v Iperen. Products are the same. Below you see the percentages of this fertilizer in our country.



CaO N-Total N-NH4 N-NO3
17,50% 8,70% 0% 8,70%


The water-soluble products are coming from Haifa (Haifa Cal GG), Duslo (Ducanit), Yara (Calcinit / Abocol) and more of this. Below you see the percentages of this fertilizers, they are all the same:

CaO N-Total N-NH4 N-NO3
26,50% 15,50% 1,10% 14,40%


When we speak with our customers, we can bring the Haifa Cal Prime via different ways. Of course, we try to explain the benefits via technical way. We explain the different compared to the standard WSF of Yara/Duslo with the 1,1% N-NH4 in it. Specially in substrate crops (Tomato,Paprika), the level of N-NH4 is, in our opinion, is too much!
Every 100 kg (1000 ltr 100*concentrated) of this product brings standard: 0.93 mmol NH4//16.77 ppm:

  Calcium N-NH4 N-NO3
mmol 4,63 0,93 10,2
ppm 185 16,77 631,8


We try to bring as much as possible Calcium into the plant, to the young parts of the plant! Calcium is hot and topic, more and more! Calcium brings the plant extra strength, healthy fruits! But, Calcium is (near Borium) the most difficult element to get in there where we want. It’s a 2+ cat-ion, it’s immobile. We see big different in leaf analyzes.

Below, 1 figure where you can see the place where you can expect a deficiency of the different elements.

Figure 1

In the old leaves we see always a higher content of Calcium compared to the young leaves. So, we do anything to get as much as possible Calcium into the young parts Which elements are in competition with Calcium?

N-NH4+ K+ Mg2+ Na+


Natrium (Na+) is most coming from the water. The best water which there is, is Rainwater!

Fertilizers are also bringing some Natrium. For this reason, especially in recirculation systems, we introduce our Multi-K Reci (with a guarantee of max natrium level inside) and speak about other fertilizers, for example iron! (based on Na, yes or no)