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Haifa Group's Safety Policy

Haifa Group is committed to keep, enforce and promote the safety of its employees, contractors’ staff and customers.

The Safety policy is an integral part of the Group's strategy and includes the following principles:


1. Prevention and protection

Prevention of accidents, creation of a hazard free working environment and the protection of our employees and contract staff, is a top priority. It is a core organizational value.

Maintaining Safety is a precondition for any Haifa Group operation execution, regardless the magnitude and nature of the performed task.  Every Haifa manager and employee is committed for a safe task performance, and is obliged to always prioritize safety over other operational considerations.


2. Following guidlines and requirements

The Group’s management is obligated to follow the requirements of existing laws, regulations, orders and rules of the profession relating to safety, occupational health and the environment. It shall take the necessary measures to enforce a full compliance of the mentioned requirements by all of the Group’s managers and employees at all levels and during all time.


3. Worldwide Consistancy

Haifa Group’s policy consists of a broad and systematic point of view supported by necessary additions and revisions following local conditions and needs at each of the Haifa subsidiaries and plants worldwide. This comes in order to set an organizational uniformity in handling and dealing with this issue. The purpose of the safety policy is to equip the managers at each site with tools to manage safety efficiently, while adapting to the special conditions in each site.


4. Minimizing risks and hazards

The Group works constantly to manage and reduce risks and hazards to an acceptable level. The Group strives to improve and proactively promote occupational Safety.


5. Investing in Safety

For the sake of helping site managers to ensure a safe work environment, Haifa Group will allocate the necessary resources and take the needed managerial and technological measures at its disposal. The Group will also set measurable goals and priorities, and devote the required time and resources.


6. Concluding proccesses

There will be continuous and systematic investigation, analysis, and conclusion generation from accidents, safety oriented, and near-miss events.


7. Policy enforcement

Managers of subsidiaries and production plants are responsible for the enforcement of Safety at their sites, including following employees participation in safety related seminars and activities.


8. Proper implementation

Haifa Group’s managers and supervisors are obliged for a proper implementation of the Group’s Safety policy at their location. They are also expected to act as role models, and present a proactive involvement with this important issue.


9. Personal responsibility

Every employee has to:

  • Work safely, using all provided safety and protection features
  • Report about any safety problems
  • Avoid improper or harmful use of safety feature and tool
  • Stop any action that does not comply with the Group’s safety procedures.


10. Commitment based success

The overall success of keeping safety consists of an overall commitment and full cooperation of every Haifa employee and contract staff member.



The Haifa Group Safety Policy continuously reviewed distributed and explained to Haifa employee and contract staff member.