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How to mix fertilizers for foliar feeding

Foliar application of nutrients complements soil application or fertigation in several cases:

  • When there is a need for fast remediation
  • Root uptake is disturbed because of plant diseases
  • Sub-optimal soil conditions such as low soil temperature, poor aeration, water logging or when soil fertilization is inadequate.



The best way to provide foliar nutrition with more than one element is by using a special foliar complex fertilizer, such as Poly-Feed™ Foliar or Haifa Bonus™. These fertilizers have the right ratio between the elements, and a special adjuvant that glues the fertilizer to the leaf. They also have the right pH to help the element penetrate into the leaves.


The principle of fertilizers mix

If you can't use complex fertilizers and need to create a mixture of fertilizers, it is important to use the right combination. It is necessary to follow some guidelines to prevent the sedimentation of fertilizers. Compatibility between the fertilizers is shown in the following table:



The principle of fertilizers mix is the same as when preparing a fertigation solution: fertilizers that are not mutually compatible should be avoided from being mixed in one tank. The rule is that neither phosphoric nor sulphatic fertilizers should be mixed with calcium or Magnesium fertilizers in the same tank. This separation prevents precipitation of calcium phosphate or calcium sulphate compounds in the tank or in the pipeline. See the scheme of fertigation mixing below: