Multicote™ Agri Junior Application Guidelines

The Multicote™ Agri Junior fertilizer granules should be placed in or right above the active root zone,

though avoiding direct contact with the young roots.


Planting of deciduous trees and grape vines

  1. Place the fertilizer granules on the bottom of planting hole
  2. Cover with 3-5 cm of soil
  3. Place the plant, cover and pack normally






  • Subtropical trees - after planting

  • Trees at 2nd and 3rd year

  1. Use a spade to make 2-4 slots around the tree,
    5-10 cm away from the stem, 5-10 cm deep.
    In hot climates, make the slots 10-25 cm deep
  2. Divide the fertilizer dose equally between the slots
  3. Cover the fertilizer granules with soil


To allow for continuous release, the granules should be placed within the zone wetted by irrigation.

 Sprinkler irrigation

♦ 2-4 slots will suit

♦ Make sure that fertilizer granules are applied in the wet zone

♦ At planting, fertilizer should be placed within the ridge

 Drip irrigation

♦ Make 2 slots next to the dripper line

♦ Place the fertilizer granules between the dripper and the stem, not directly under the dripper




Crop-specific recommendations

Crop Suggested 



Rate (g/tree)
Wine grapes 25-8-13 8 1st year – at planting 120
Table grapes 200
 Stone fruits (plum, peach, nectarine, apricot)  25-8-13 8 1st year – at planting 200
2nd year 350
Pome fruits (apple, pear, quince) 31-6-7+ME 8 1st year – at planting 200
2nd year 350
3rd year 450
Subtropical fruits (avocado, mango) 30-6-8+ME 12 1st year – after planting 200
2nd year 250
3rd year 350
Citrus 30-6-8+ME 12 1st year – after planting 200
2nd year 300
3rd year 450
Almonds 17-7-16+ME 6 1st year – at planting 600
2nd year 800


8 1st year – at planting 200
2nd year 350


8 1st year – at planting 400
2nd year 800
3rd year




The exact fertilization program should consider:

♦ Specific crop needs

♦ Local soil and water conditions

♦ Grower’s experience

To suit the best formula and application rates for your orchard’s requirements and conditions, consult a local Haifa representative.


Disclaimer: Any use of the information given here is made at the reader’s sole risk. Haifa Chemicals Ltd. provides no warranty whatsoever for “Error Free” data, nor does it warrants the results that may be obtained from use of the provided data, or as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information provided here.



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