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Banana crop guide: Haifa specialty fertilizers

Potassium Nitrate

Haifa's Potassium Nitrate products represent a unique source of potassium due to their nutritional value and contribution to plant's health and yields. Potassium Nitrate has distinctive chemical and physical properties that are beneficial to the environment. Haifa offers a wide range of potassium nitrate products for Nutrigation™, foliar sprays, side-dressing and controlled-release fertilization.

Haifa's potassium nitrate products are marketed under the Multi-K™ brand.


Multi-K™ Products

Pure Multi-K™
Multi-K™ Classic Crystalline potassium nitrate (13-0-46)
Multi-K™ Prills Potassium nitrate prills (13-0-46)
Special Grades
Multi-K™ GG Greenhouse-grade potassium nitrate (13.5-0-46.2)
Multi-K™ pHast Low-pH potassium nitrate (13.5-0-46.2)
Multi-K™ Absolute Hydroponics-grade potassium nitrate (13.8-0-46.5)
Enriched Products
Multi-npK™ Enriched with phosphate; crystalline or prills
Multi-K™ Mg Enriched with magnesium; crystalline or prills
Multi-K™ Zn Enriched with zinc; crystalline
Multi-K™ S Enriched with sulfate; crystalline
Multi-K™ B Enriched with boron; crystalline or prills
Multi-K™ ME Enriched with magnesium and micronutrients; crystalline


Nutrigation™ (fertigation) delivers pure plant nutrients through the irrigation system, supplying essential nutrients precisely to the area of most intensive root activity. Haifa’s well-balanced Nutrigation™ program provides the plant with their exact needs accordingly with seasonal changes. Decades of experience in production and application of specialty fertilizers for Nutrigation™ have made Haifa a leading company in this field. Haifa keeps constantly up to date with contemporary scientific and agricultural research, in order to continuously broaden its product line to better meet the requirements of crops and cropping environments.
Haifa offers a wide range of water-soluble fertilizers for Nutrigation™. All products contain only pure plant nutrients and are free of sodium and chloride
Multi-K™ Comprehensive range of plain and enriched potassium nitrate products
Poly-Feed™ Soluble NPK fertilizers enriched with secondary and micro-nutrients
Haifa MAP™ Mono-ammonium phosphate
Haifa MKP™ Mono-potassium phosphate
Haifa Cal™ Calcium nitrate
Haifa Micro™ Chelated micronutrients
Haifa VitaPhos-K™ Precipitation-proof poly-phosphate for soilless Nutrigation™
Haifa ProteK™ Systemic PK fertilizer


Foliar Feeding

Foliar Feeding provides fast, on-the-spot supplementary nutrition to ensure high, top quality yields and is an ideal feeding method under certain growth conditions in which absorption of nutrients from the soil is inefficient, or for use on short–term crops. Precision-timed foliar sprays are also a fast-acting and effective method for treating nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of the correct nutrients in relatively low concentrations at critical stages in crop development contributes significantly to higher yields and improved quality. Haifa offers a selection of premium fertilizers for foliar application. Haifa offers a selection of fertilizers for foliar application:



Haifa Bonus™ High-K foliar formulas enriched with special adjuvants for better absorption and prolonged action.
Poly-Feed™ Foliar NPK formulas enriched with micronutrients specially designed to enhance the crop performance during specific growth stages.
Magnisal™Haifa MAP™Haifa MKP™Haifa Cal™ and Haifa Micro™ are also suitable for foliar application.


Controlled Release Nutrition

Multicote™, Haifa's range of Controlled Release Fertilizers includes products for agriculture, horticulture, ornamentals and turf. Multicote™ products provide plants with balanced nutrition according to their growth needs throughout the growth cycle. Multicote™ products enhance plant growth, improve nutrients use efficiency, save on labor and minimize environmental impact.


Single, pre-plant application controlled-release fertilizer can take care of the crop’s nutritional requirements throughout the growth season. Controlled release fertilizers are designed to feed plants continuously, with maximal efficiency of nutrients uptake. Controlled release fertilizers save labor and application costs. Their application is independent of the irrigation system, and does not require sophisticated equipment.

Taking advantage of MulticoTech™ polymer coating technology, Haifa produces Multicote™ line of controlled release fertilizers.


Multicote™ Products
Multicote™ for nurseries and ornamentals; NPK formulae with release longevities of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 months.
Multicote™ Agri / Multigro™ for agriculture and horticulture
CoteN™ controlled-release urea for arable crops
Multicote™ Turf / Multigreen™ for golf courses, sports fields, municipals and domestic lawns.