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Beneficial effects for potassic fertilization of apples in China

Yield, Coloring rate and Sugar content markedly improved by foliar application of Multi-K



Apple / Qinguan

Country / location China / southern Shanxi province/ Linyi county
Objectives Check Multi-K spray as a sole potassic fertilizer
Haifa product tested Multi-K
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment 2 x Foliar feeding @ 1.5% & 2250 lit./Ha
Control treatment results 65.1 MT/Ha
Best treatment results 74.8 MT/Ha
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase: 9.7 MT/Ha
Coloring rate and sugar content were markedly improved
Cost of treatment (application + material) 42.7 US$/Ha
Net benefit of best treatment 1125 US$/Ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 26.4
Conclusions Local : The treatment had a very beneficial effect both agronomically and economically.
Worldwide: Such treatments are bound to succeed in highly deficient conditions, as the current ones.
Reference Cao Gong & Zhu Yao-Xin
Note: the experiment was run in 1993, but not yet included in Haifa reports.