A considerable increase in marketable Pepper yield obtained in Italy

Yield and quality improved mainly due to higher number of fruits per plant, larger fruit size and flesh thickness



Pepper / Peto PS 600
Country / location taly / Tuscany – Val di Chiana cesa (AR)
Objectives Compare PN vs. SOP for pepper
Haifa product tested Multi-K- based Poni-Ter 18-11-23 & Multi-K Prills
Application method Side dressing
Tested treatment

B.D. of Poni-Ter @ 830 kg/ha + S.D. of Multi-K @ 200 kg/ha after picking 1st cycle of fruit.

Control treatment results

Total marketable yield: 32.0 MT/ha

Grower’s revenue from yield: 218 US$/MT

Best treatment results Total marketable yield: 38.7 MT/ha
Grower’s revenue from yield: 226 US$/MT
Characteristics of best treatment Marketable yield increase: 6.7 MT/ha (21% above control), due to increase in No. of fruits/ plant. Better vegetative development. Higher quality of fruit in terms of increased fruit diameter and flesh thickness.
Difference of costs between Multi-K and control treatments (application + material) 67 US$/ha
Net benefit of best treatment 1695 US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 26.3

A considerable increase in marketable yield due to the B.D. application of Multi-K- based fertilizer, followed by 2 x S.D. with urea and Multi-K prills at well-timed applications.
The positive results are both in amount of yield and its quality, which was expressed by a small increase in price.

Reference Dr. Marco Quattrucci (ARSIA); Agr. Mauro Schippa (Hi-Agri)