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Crop Guide: Turf Nutrition Products

Haifa's Specialty Fertilizers for Turf

Haifa's nutritional programs for turf combine the special benefits of take special benefits of Multigreen™ (Multicote™ Turf) controlled release fertilizers and MUltiVerdo™ (Multi-K™)  potassium nitrate.

Multicote fertilizer for lawnsMultigreen for turf



Multigreen™ (Multicote™ Turf)
Controlled Release fertilizers

Based on the Multicote™ polymer coating technology, Multigreen™ (Multicote™ Turf) ensures controlled release of turf nutrients to the root zone. Since the release is controlled by soil temperature, the nutrients are only available to the turf when it's ready for them. This "on-time" release characteristic minimizes nutrient leaching and volatilization, prevents growth surges and excessive clipping production, while facilitating the development of excellent root systems and strong, resilient turf of uniform color and texture. 


Key Benefits 
Safe use with no risk of scorching 
♦ Single application provides steady nutrition over months 
♦ Damaging deficiencies and hazardous excesses are avoided 
♦ Reduces clipping yield and enhances root growth 
♦ Nutrient use efficiency is enhanced and losses are minimized 
♦ Groundwater contamination is eliminated 

Multigreen™ / Multicote™ Turf  is available in a regular size (220 SGN) and a mini size (150SGN).
Multigreen™ / Multicote™ Turf may be blended with any coated or non-coated fertilizers.


Multi-K Turf for lawns



MultiVerdo™ / Multi-K™ Turf 
Potassium Nitrate for Turf

Delivering potassium, an essential element for balanced nutrition of the turf plant, together with nitrogen in its most basic and readily absorbable form, MultiVerdo™/Multi-K™ Turf is a vital component in any nutritional scheme. The nitrate nitrogen in the product  actively promotes the uptake of potassium, resulting in the delivery of higher levels of both nutrients to your turf. Synergy between these two nutrients produces remarkable results.