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Crop Guide: Turf weed control

The availability of nutritional elements, particularly nitrogen, influences the development of weeds and unwanted grasses.


Weed population in the lawn can be controlled by regulating nitrogen availability.








Controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers help avoiding nitrogen surplus,
thus controlling the germination and development of weeds.


Weed Control in Turf Late in Fall
Readily-available nitrogen stimulates germination and the proliferation of annual plants which are hard to control with herbicides, namely Poa Annua and Poa Trivialis.
End of Winter 
In February-March, Poa Annua consumes higher rates of nitrogen than the cold season grasses. As excessive nitrogen gives rise to the germination of the Poa Annua, it should be avoided.
Weed control in turf
Weed control in turf Late Spring 
Readily-available nitrogen stimulates the germination and the growth of the summer grasses (Setaria, Digitaria, Echinochloa, Eleusine,  Cynodon).