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Absorption of three slow-release nitrogen fertilizers by perennial ryegrass turf


The absorption of three new slow release fertilizers (Coron, N-Sure and Nitrazine) by perennial ryegrass turf was compared to uptake of NO 3 - and urea using a nutrient solution culture system. Each source of nitrogen was supplied to turf cultures at a rate equivalent to 21 kg N ha−1 every five days during a twenty day experimental period. Nitrate and urea produced the most growth, while growth on Coron and N-Sure was reduced 30%. Growth on Nitrazine-N was further reduced to only 40% of that on NO 3 - and urea. Coron and N-Sure were absorbed relatively rapidly during the first 24 hour period, with cumulative absorption over the five day period amounting to approximately 80% of the total supplied. Nitrazine-N was absorbed more slowly, with only 40% of the N absorbed after five days. Perennial ryegrass was apparently capable of metabolizing both Coron and N-Sure. The slow-release N component of Nitrazine (melamine) was inhibitory to photosynthesis, and at higher solution concentrations, was toxic to the turf.


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