Apricot quality improvement of early season varieties in Australia

Foliar application of Bonus npK as fruit began to grow, improved fruit size distribution and its sugar content



Apricot/ Castlebrite

Country / location Australia / Shepparton (Victoria)

To improve fruit quality by foliar applications of Haifa Bonus as fruit begins to grow

Haifa product tested Haifa Bonus
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment 3 x Foliar feeding @ 1.25% Bonus-npK at 1000 lit./Ha, 14 days intervals. 17/10/04, 31/10/04, 14/11/04
Control treatment results Average fruit wt. (g) – 52.2,  Sugar Content (% Brix) – 8.17
Av. Fruit Diameter (mm) – 43.8
Best treatment results Average fruit wt. (g) – 73.2,  Sugar Content (% Brix) -10.1
Av. Fruit Diameter (mm) – 50.5
Characteristics of best treatment

Very large benefit for grower on this variety with inproved size distribution. Improved sugar levels also a benefit

Net benefit of best treatment 27075$/ha
Conclusions Local: Improvement in size and taste (sugar) in early season varieties is very important. I don’t expect as dramatic results in each case but trend is positive in other varieties which is encouraging
Worldwide: Obviously worth trying in other countries, but such big improvements may not always be seen.
Reference Matt Thomas, Multifert Agencies, Australia


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