CoteN™ Mix increases yield in winter oats crop

In a trial that was conducted in Spain, Haifa agronomists checked the benefits of using CoteN™ Mix controlled release fertilizers for winter oats crop. After the season ended, the results clearly proved that CoteN™Mix is superior upon common fertilization practices.


Trial setup

The trial was carried out in El Casar (Guadalajara), Spain.

Irrigation: rain-fed (semi-dry year)



Fertilizer type Fertilizer Application rate (kg/ha)

Controlled release fertilizer

CoteN Mix 22-7-6 (2m)
( 50% coated N)
Conventional granular 1 12-24-12
Nitrosulfato 26
Conventional granular 2 Nitrosulfato 26 285


Yield results



Soil fertilization of winter wheat with CoteN™ Mix controlled release fertilizer increases grain yield. When considering the cost of fertilization, CoteN™ Mix treatment also increased the grower's net income.


About Haifa CoteN™

CoteN™ is Haifa's polymer coated Urea, set for 2 or 4 months longevity (@21C). CoteN™ is perfect crops with special emphasis on N management in the soil, such arable crops. CoteN™ is part of Haifa's Multicote™ range of Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF), developed by Haifa Group. An accurate fertilizer release over time, governed only by soil temperature, make CoteN™ a precise and reliable N source for the crops.


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