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Diagnosing nutrient needs of garlic

Abstract: Mosto f the garlic grown commerciallv in the United gtatesys produced in Cali- fornia. About 80 percent of California gar- lic is produced for processing into dehy- drated flakes, granules, or powders. This garlic is usually grown under contract with dehydrator companies, which plant the fields using their own seed cloves, and harvest the crops with their machines and crews. Dehydrator companies also pro- vide technical advice and guidance to gar- lic growers on fertilization,i rrigation, and pest and disease control.

Until our studies began in 1979, there had been very little research to determine fertilizer requirements of garlic and to es- tablish levels of nutrient deficiency and sufficiency in garlic leaf tissue for diag- nosing the crop’s nutrient status

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