Flowering induction in mango

46% more fruits above control. This is a real Bonus

Foliar application of Haifa's Multi-K™ induced flowering and improved size distribution, which resulted in yield increase



Mango /Tommy Atkins

Country / location Israel

Induce flowering
Multi-npK 13-2-44

Haifa product tested Haifa Bonus 13-2-44
Application method Foliar feeding
Tested treatment Multi-npK @ 10% & 1650 lit./Ha
Control treatment results 37 fruits/tree .  Total yield = 7.53 MT/Ha
Best treatment results 54 fruits/tree .  Total yield = 11.0 MT/Ha
Characteristics of best treatment Total yield = 46% above control
Grower’s revenue from yield:  760  US$/MT
Cost of treatment (application + material) 121 US$/Ha
Net benefit of best treatment 2516 US$/Ha s
Benefit/Cost ratio 21.8
Conclusions The technique should be widely adopted elsewhere.
Reference Y. Soffer


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