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Foliar nutrition enhanced rice productivity in eastern China

Foliar nutrition enhanced rice productivity in eastern China


Two foliar sprays of  Multi-K increased yield by 1.5 MT per hectare


Rice/ 91-17

Country / locationChina / Shanghai area, eastern China
ObjectivesFind the best conditions of spraying the crop with Multi-K
Haifa product testedMulti-K
Application methodFoliar nutrition
Tested treatment2 x Foliar spray  Multi-K x 3% & 750 lit./Ha
First - at Panicle initiation
Second – after heading/flowering
Control treatment resultsYield = 12,930 Kg/Ha
Best treatment resultsYield = 14,340 Kg/Ha
Characteristics of best treatmentYield increase:  1,410 Kg/Ha
Grower’s revenue from yield: 157 US$/MT
Cost of treatment (application + material) 23 US$/Ha
Net benefit of best treatment198 US$/Ha
Benefit/Cost ratio8.6
ConclusionsLocal: significant yield increase with high B/C ratio
ReferenceS. Peng  & S&F Institute Shanghai AAS


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