Haifa Bonus enhanced dormancy break in pear

One timely spray of significant gaines can be achieved from improvement in size distribution. The yield was considerably increased by increasing fruit size


Pear/ Spadona x quince

Country / location Israel / Golan Height (Northern part) ; summer 2005
Objectives Increase fruit size
Haifa product tested Haifa Bonus 13-2-44
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment One spray @ 7% Bonus npK in 1,000 L/ha,  in mid- February, a week before the dormancy-breaking spraying
Control treatment results Total yield ( MT/ha) – 74.72
Share of fruit 60-64 mm – 21.66
Share of fruit >65 mm – 15.96
Best treatment results Total yield ( MT/ha) – 88.80
Share of fruit 60-64 mm – 26.16
Share of fruit >65 mm – 21.46
Conclusions One timely spray of Haifa Bonus considerably (but not statistically significant) increased total yield by increasing yield of all fruit size shares, and especially those of the larger and more profitable ones

Yoni Gal, Ministry of Agriculture; Tal Shani, Haifa.


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