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How to improve cucumber marketability in china

Compared to a local potassic fertilizer, Multi-K proved superiority by improving frost hardiness and marketability



Cucumber / Xintaimici
Country / location China / Shouguang /Shandong province
Objectives Compare two potassic fertilizers: SOP vs. Multi-K
Haifa product tested Multi-K
Application method Base dressing & Fertigation
Tested treatment 345 Kg/Ha K applied as SOP – base dressing
345 Kg/Ha K applied as Multi-K - fertigation
Control treatment results Total yield in 0 K : 29.0 MT/Ha
Best treatment results

Total yield in 345 Kg/Ha K applied as SOP : 32.9 MT/Ha

Total yield in 345 Kg/Ha K applied as Multi-K: 40.0 MT/Ha

Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase : 7.1 MT/Ha better than SOP, 
Frost hardiness was much improved, and so was marketability
Net benefit of best treatment 4,701 US$/Ha
Benefit/Cost ratio SOP – 10.8;    
Multi-K – 17.3
Conclusions Local: Multi-K was considerably superior to SOP.


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