Multicote™ Controlled Release Fertilizer proved highly efficient for Garlic

An increase in Garlic yield with a single application of Haifa CRF fertilizers

Garlic Growth with Haifa Controlled Release Fertilizers


México/ Pabellón de Artega, Ags./ Rancho Don Primo.

Haifa product(s) checked in this experiment

Multicote™ (4)


Exact formula

Multicote™ Agri (4) 18-23-14 (30-00-30)

Arrival date of product from Haifa, and quantity

Multicote K (4): 200 Kg

Cote N (4): 140 Kg

Arrival: September, 2009

Trial Objectives

  • To show the efficiency of reduced nitrogen and potassium fertilization with CRF vs the grower management and eliminating top dressing.
  • To obtain de best cost-benefit ratio

Crop name and cultivar

Garlic / Perla

Crop type

Growing method Open-field

Why was this plant chosen

The grower has more than 300 ha of this crop.

It was the 2nd year testing the Multicote´s concept in greater surface (26 ha)

Soil type or media composition

Clay 30%

Irrigation method Drippers
No. Of replicates per treatment One replicates
Arrangement of treatment / replication plots No arrangement, evaluation Haifa Vs conventional treatment; plot assigned.
  Size Caliber 6,7 Caliber 8 Caliber 9 Caliber 10, 11 TOTAL
HAIFA TM 0.71 2.39 6.21 13.27 22.58
CONTROL TM 1.5 4.73 5.01 5.84 17.09


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