Potassium nitrate increases total Cauliflower yield

Split applications of Multi-K increased total yield and improved its quality




Cauliflower/ Fremont
Country / location Germany / Speyer / Rinkenberghof Trial Station
Objectives Increase of yield and quality, and compare CN vs. Multi-K as an N source.
Haifa product tested Multi-K
Application method Fertigation
Tested treatment Fertigation (via overhead sprinklers) @ a total of 100 kg/ha  of N, as: 1x 470 + 1x 200kg/ha of  CN vs. 1x 470 kg/ha of CN + 1x 230 kg/ha of Multi-K
Control treatment results Yield: 51.2 Mt/ha
1st Class product (units/ha): 22,700
Discoloration after X weeks storage: 19%
Grower’s revenue from yield: 146 US$/MT
Best treatment results Yield: 54.6 Mt/ha
1st Class product (units/ha): 26,500
Discoloration after same X weeks storage: 13%
Grower’s revenue from yield:  200 US$/MT
Characteristics of best treatment

Yield increase: 3.4 MT/ha (6.6% above control)
Quality increase: 16.7% above control of 1st class yield
Improved storability due to reduced discoloration rate

Cost of treatment (application + material) 270 US$/ha

Net benefit of best treatment 680 US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 2.5

Split applications of Multi-K increase total yield and improve its quality. It also extends its storability. These treatments should be tried also in adjacent countries having similar soil and weather conditions.

Reference Speyer Trial Station & M. Roelofs

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