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Rice yield increased with Haifa foliar feeding solutions


The field trial, conducted in Thailand, tested the effect of three foliar applications of multi-npK (13-3-43) as the rice fertilizer, compared to the traditional growing method. The results: increased yield and revenue

Agronomic effect of three foliar applications with multi-npK (13-3-43) was examined. Difference in yield and net profit was compared to the traditional growing method.


Rice / Suphan 1 ( a long season cultivar)

Country / locationThailand / Lamphaya / Banglane / Nakornpatom/ Suphan-Niam’s farm
ObjectivesIncrease yield
Haifa product testedMulti-npK (13-3-43)
Application methodFoliar nutrition
Tested treatment3 x foliar sprays @ 360 lit/ha (Knapsack sprayer); 33, 64, 81 days after planting @  2%, 3%, 3%, respectively.
Control treatment resultsTotal yield: 6.6 MT/ha
Grower’s revenue from yield: 171 US$/Ha
Best treatment resultsTotal yield: 8.2 MT/ha
Grower’s revenue from yield:  212.4 US$/Ha
Characteristics of best treatmentYield increase:  1.6 MT/ha (24% above control)
Cost of treatment (application + material) 31.5 US$/ha
Net benefit of best treatment9.9 US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio9.8
ConclusionsThis result is in good agreement with many previous experiments showing high contribution to foliar feeding of rice with Multi-K as rice fertilizer

The bottom line:

The foliar application with Multi-npK 13-3-43 increased the yield by 1.6MT/H and the revenue by 41.4 USD/Ha. The net income increased by 9.9 USD/Ha. This application will give best economical results when the grain prices are high or when agronomic condition is expected to be difficult.

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