"The solubility and nutrient absorption by plants are incredible"

With a 2,800mgreenhouse, Daniel Fonseca from Brazil can't empahsize enough his satisfication with Haifa water soluble fertilizers. "I won't replace them with any other product. The results are immediate"


Mr. Daniel Fonseca is the owner and agronomist of the Sera Azul farm, located in Andradas, Brazil.

His farm covers 17 Ha with a 2,800 square meters greenhouse, equiped with an hydroponic system, in which he grows several vegetables like Lettuce, Arugula and Watercress.

All production from the farm is sold to four supermarkets in the region.

Photo: Mr. Daniel Fonseca in his greenhouse. "Each day my production is more profitable"

Mr. Fonesca has been using Haifa water soluble fertilizers - Multi npKHaifa Cal GGHaifa MAP and Magnisal - for over a year after using other products, and does not hide his satisfaction.


"I won't replace Haifa's fertilizers for any other product", he says. "The fertilizers' solubility and nutrient absorption by plants are incredible. The results are immediate, with an increased productivity, a lower incidence of pathogens and a reduction in 2-5 days in cycle plant, which means I can harvest lettuce within 39 days".


Mr. Fonseca is about to broaden his growth with Haifa fertilizers, as he intends to start using Haifa's Poly-Feed™ fertilizers for his hydropnically grown tomatoes and lettuce. "Each day my production is more profitable, so I will start to expand the area of ​​hydroponics”, he adds.




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