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1ο χλμ. Τυρνάβου - Λάρισας, Greece
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About Us

Agricultural Cooperative for the Processing and Sales of Fruit and Vegetable Products of Tyrnavos The Agricultural Cooperative of Processing and Horticulture Sales of Tirnavos (A.C.P.H.S. of Tirnavos) Beneath the shadow of Mount Olympus, on the northern edge of the Thessalian plain lies Tirnavos, a town which is based on agriculture and promising cultures of vines and fruit trees for hundreds of years. The Agricultural Cooperative of Processing & Horticulture Sales of Tirnavos (A.C.P.H.S. of Tirnavos), is a first-level productive cooperation (founded in 1928) with 165 producers – members, having a wide range of agricultural products (fruits) which are produced by its members and are distributed through the organization. The production starts from about 5 May with the early varieties of cherries, peaches and nectarines and continues up to September with pears and grapes. The products of the producers – members of the Cooperative are certified with the integrated management system Agro 2-1, 2-2 while the procedure of standard GLOBALG.AP is followed. The Cooperative has newly-built, modern freezers - sorting machines where the products are stored and packaged while all facilities are certified with ISO 22000.