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Poly-Feed increased wheat yield in Brazil

By spraying Poly-Feed 19-19-19+ME, the wheat gave higher yield, and as a result raised the revenue





Country / locationBrazil, Parana state
ObjectivesIncrease yields
Haifa product testedPoly-Feed 19-19-19+ME
Application methodFoliar
Tested treatmentRevenue = 800 USD/ha, PF cost=8.8 USD/ha
Control treatment resultsRevenue= 767 USD/ha
Best treatment resultsExtra revenue= 33 usd/ha
Characteristics of best treatmentfoliar spraying at 4.1Kg/ha, in two different stages, one at 20-25 days after sowing (tillering period) and the other 40 days after sowing
Net benefit of best treatment33-8.8= 24.2 USD/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio24.2/8.8= 2.75
ConclusionsThe foliar application of poly-feed gave good value for the extra cost that was invested


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