Haifa Showcases Stability and Growth at IFA Conference: Meeting Challenges in a Disrupted Market


The Annual IFA Conference was held in Singapore on May 20-22, 2024. A Haifa delegation led by CEO Motti Levin and VP Marketing, Business Development and Innovation Natan Feldman, engaged with dozens of market leaders, including customers, suppliers, analysts, service providers, and IFA administration.

The Haifa brand is highly regarded, representing a reputation for leadership, know-how, and a rich portfolio that stands out in the Specialty fertilizers sector.

Reliable and stable supply is a major concern of the fertilizer industry today, as all supply chains have been affected by disruptive factors such as the global pandemic and the succeeding post-covid reaction, which dramatically influence shipping availability and cost. The war in Europe, and recent security problems in the Suez Canal, added more obstacles to the flow of supply. Nevertheless, we were happy to note a trend of recovery in demand volume, while the input price index declines.

In the current market situation and in light of anticipated challenges, specialty fertilizers gain increasing interest. It becomes obvious that precision plant nutrition must be part of any future crop production interface. Thus, the participants of the conference showed great interest in Haifa's marketing offer and growth prospects.

We proudly presented our plans for business expansion, both upstream and downstream, and our continuous investments aimed to increase capacity to fulfill the global demand for Haifa products. We stressed that Haifa maintains full production capacity and supply capabilities, despite the objective situation in Israel.

The IFA conference provided us with various business opportunities for the future, that will help us grow more!