Visit of Professional Agriculture Instructors at Haifa’s R&D Farm


On May 23rd, we were delighted to host a group of instructors from the Extension Service of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture at our agricultural R&D center at Aaronsohn Farm. We presented our research activities and advances in plant nutrition, and heard from the field experts about needs and challenges.  

The professional meeting was attended by instructors expertizing in subtropical fruits, orchards, soil & water, flowers, and plant protection.

Our guests toured the greenhouse, the orchard plot, and the wheat field, and received explanations from our professional staff about the trials we conduct and the advanced systems we use.

Gadi Shiftan, Controlled Release Fertilizers Marketing Manager, presented Multicote™ fertilizers, which enable efficient and environmentally friendly fertilization, and spoke about Haifa's new development: a controlled-release fertilizer coated with a biodegradable shell. 

Aviel Zur, Haifa's development agronomist, presented the range of digital tools we have developed to help growers fertilize efficiently and accurately. His talk NutriNet™ and MultiMatch™ - both made to optimize plant nutrition and equipped with a ground-breaking feature that asses the environmental benefit of the suggested nutrition programs. 

Hagai Tzohari, Development Agronomist for Biostimulants and Micronutrients, presented HaifaStim™ products – a range of advanced nutritional supplements that encourage plant development and improve their growing environment.

The meeting's guests are top-notch professionals who are well-versed in the field and the work of growers. Thus, such a meeting is an opportunity for us not only to share our knowledge but also to learn closely about the problems and challenges in the field, and to think together about solutions we can offer.