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Haifa’s Plant 360o at GreenTech Americas

On March 12-14, Haifa Mexico participated in GreenTech Americas, a fair that focuses on crop production in controlled environments. The event, that brings together leading suppliers of cutting-edge technologies and inputs for advanced greenhouse horticulture, is a prime arena for Haifa to showcase our comprehensive plant nutrition solutions.

In our impressively designed booth, we welcomed hundreds of growers, commerce people and industry professionals, and introduced our expanding portfolio.    

As today’s growers are becoming more aware of the benefits and importance of precise, highly efficient plant nutrition, many of them are seeking alternatives to the traditional fertilizers and fertilization schemes – alternatives that Haifa offers. 

We demonstrated the benefits of product such as Multi-K™, Haifa MKP™, Haifa Cal™ and Haifa SOP™. We also highlighted the added value of NutriNet™ and other technological tools that help growers optimize plant nutrition.