Haifa Mexico Shines at Expo Agroalimentaria


Haifa Mexico made a significant impact at Expo Agroalimentaria, the premier agricultural fair in Mexico, held from November 7 to 10. The event brought together hundreds of companies from the agriculture sector and attracted over 120,000 visitors, providing an ideal platform for Haifa Mexico to showcase its innovative Plant 360° solutions.

At its welcoming stand, Haifa Mexico hosted over 5,000 visitors daily, eager to learn more about the company's comprehensive range of high-quality products, profound knowledge, and advanced tools. Haifa Mexico's Plant 360° solutions empower growers to achieve the next level of plant nutrition, enabling them to implement precise fertilization strategies that enhance yields, promote nutrient use efficiency, and safeguard the environment.

Beyond showcasing its products and solutions, Haifa Mexico also capitalized on the fair to connect with major customers and explore new avenues for collaboration and growth. The event fostered valuable discussions and relationships that will undoubtedly contribute to Haifa Mexico's continued success in the Mexican agricultural market.