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Haifa's Group CEO visit to Haifa Mexico

During the month of November 2023, Haifa's group CEO, Motti Levin, met with Haifa Mexico back-office team in Mexico City and with the commercial team during Agroalimentaria Irapuato expo.

In those meetings Motti covered Haifa's business situation, how well it is managing the challenges posed by the war in Israel, and he highlighted the advancement in executing the investment plan in Haifa Negev, the group's main factory.  Additionally, Motti expressed gratitude to Haifa Mexico team for their professionalism and loyalty. He commended both the General Manager, Mr. Juan Jose Valdes Torres, and the managers, for maintaining a high level of operation and fostering an excellent atmosphere among the employees.

Motti received an update on Haifa Mexico results, P&L, Sales, Supply Chain Metrics, Regulatory updates for new products to be introduced in the region as well as the approach to analyze the go to market strategy in the country.

Motti and the Mexico team over dinner

Motti visited Expo Agroalimentaria Irapuato, the largest trade shows in the region which took place in a 16Ha area. More than 25,000 people visited the exhibition during its 3 days.
Motti held meetings with local distributors and some growers at the expo. All of Haifa's Mexico customers met with Motti and had the opportunity to hear directly from him on the company capacity expansion plans, strategic projects, new products, services and technologies that provide an integral nutrition solution for growers across the world.

A big emphasis was made on Haifa's focus on sustainability and ESG efforts.

Meeting with Rodrigo Torres, 3rd generation owners of our distributor in Baja California Quimical

Meeting with Oro Agro Jalisco 

 Meeting with Nitromex and Ferman, Haifa's two largest distributors in the country,
both companies are owned by Carlos Fernendez.

Pueblo Bonito Meeting with Motti at the stand office. 

 El Colono Agropecuario CEO Christian Castillo held a very interesting dialogue with Motti at the stand office.

Motti was interviewed by the Mexican Council of Agriculture media at the Expo.
He gave a great message about the company ESG initiatives, technologies and focus on sustainable agriculture.

Motti also met with the Commercial Team at the Expo Agroalimentaria and with the office personnel in Mexico City.