Potassic fertilization of mango trees

+33% Mango yield

Following foliar nutrition with Haifa  Multi-K™ at 2% application rate


Foliar Feeding provides fast, on-the-spot nutrition to ensure high, top quality yields. It serves as an effective supplementary feeding to complete soil fertilization and for prompt correction of nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of nutrients at specific stages of crop development boosts yield and improves quality.

The table below describes a trail that clearly prooved the overall advantage of adding a 2% rate foliar feeding application with Haifa Multi-k™ potassium nitrate


Mango / Namdokmai

Country / location Thailand / Pakchong , Nakonratchasrima /
Objectives Increase yield
Haifa product tested Multi-K
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment 16x foliar application @ 2.0% concentration & 1,562 lit./ha
Control treatment results Total yield = 8.06 MT/ha
51.6 kg/tree, 156 trees/ha
Grower’s revenue from yield: 1,052  US$/MT
Best treatment results Total yield = 10.75 MT/ha
68.9 kg/tree. 156 trees/ha
Grower’s revenue from yield: 1,143  US$/MT
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase 2.63 MT/ha
Cost of treatment (material + application ) : 390  US$/ha
Net benefit of best treatment 2,616  US$/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 7.7
Conclusions All benefits were obtained from increased yield.
Other cultivars and other regions should be tested too.



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