Fertilizing lime with Multicote™ Agri is simple and effective

Erasto Mendoza Martínez grows Mexican limes and enjoys the benefits of Multicote™ agri controlled release fertilizers

"Fertilizing with CRF is simple and effective" 

Located in Cañada region in Oaxaca state, Mexico, Mr. Erasto Mendoza Martínez owns a small farm with 5 hectares of Mexican lime, a citrus species with a 3–5 cm diameter globose fruit, usually picked green.
Mexican limes have high acidity, a strong aroma and a thin rind.

Following a successful application of Multicote™ Agri 20-15-30+4MgO+ME, Mr. Martínez performed a second application of CRF.

“The first application proved the efficiency of this controlled release fertilizer”. He says. “It makes the fertilization process much simpler and more effective”.


Together with the Multicote™ Agri, a complementary foliar feed fertilization is given to the trees.
For the foliar feeding stage the Mexican grower uses Poly-Feed™ 10-10-43 and Haifa ProteK™. Foliar feeding is considered among the major techniques used for plant nutrition, supplementing the ground application.
Foliar feeding is used mainly to boost yield, reduce fruit drop and splitting and increase fruit size.


Erasto Mendoza Martínez in his orchard. Great results with Haifa fertilizers


In addition, Mr. Martínez has recently started to use Haifa Turbo-K™ 14-14-17, a potassium nitrate based granular NPK fertilizer. Haifa Turbo-K™ contains a balanced composition of seven plant nutrients. It has the distinct advantage of increasing potassium uptake efficiency due to the high root acceptance of the nitrate (NO3ˉ) and the physiological need to balance it with additional cations.