Foliar feeding of cocoa trees

Foliar feeding, a tool for improved yield and better quality in open field crops & orchards

Foliar fertilization (foliar feeding) is the common name for supplying nutrient to plants, by spraying it on the leaves.

The fertilizer applied is a supplement to regular soil applied fertilizers. Although it is applied in small quantities, its effect on yield and quality is much surprising.

Haifa has initiated the concept of spraying specialty fertilizers, at specific growth stages with a lot of success in many crops (Cotton, Maize, Rice, Coffee, Tea, Mango, Citrus and many others).


 When designing the foliar fertilization program, 3 parameters are taken into account:

  1. The ratio of the formula – related to the nutrient uptake by the crop.

  2. Timing of application.

  3. The amount of nutrients per Hectare in total and per each treatment.


Haifa Recommendations are based on the above-mentioned parameters.

While preparing our proposed program, we have considered the specific needs of the Cocoa trees: “Young fruits (called cherelles when young and pods when mature) grow slowly during first 40 days after pollination and are prone to wilting (average loss about 50%); subsequent growth is more rapid up to 75 days; full maturity is reached in 150-180 days depending on climate. (IFA Paper Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) French: Cacao; Spanish: Cacao; Italian: Cacao; German: Kakao )”



Haifa’s recommendation (foliar treatment):

Time of application from flowering date


Dosage Kg/Ha/spray

Spray volume

Sprays Interval

(3-4 applications)

Poly-Feed™ Foliar Cocoa
22-16-18 ME**


150 l/ha*

14 days

(2-3 applications)

Poly-Feed Foliar Cocoa
15-8-33 ME**


150 l/ha*

14 days

76- 150
(4-5 applications)

Poly-Feed Foliar Cocoa


150 l/ha*

21 days

10-12 applications


17-20 Kg / Ha




*165 gr/ 15 Litter sprayer

**Fe 1000ppm, Mn 500ppm, Zn 2000ppm, Cu 110ppm, B 1000ppm, Mo 70ppm




Phytotoxicity check:

Before starting the trial a Phytotoxicity check should be made by scanning range of concentrations 100 gr/ sprayer, 165 gr/ sprayer, 300 gr/ sprayer. The application should be on a small scale (few trees) and tissue scorches judgment should be made 2 days and one week after application.


To enable the parties to assess the best possible economical results, it is suggested that we will evaluate more then 1 dosage during the trial.


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