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Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China



Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)



Citrus/ Hongjiang Oranges

Country / location China / Longdong state orchard
Objectives Increase yield and improve quality
Haifa product tested Multi-K
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment 4 x foliar feeding @ 2.5% or 5.0%  & 1,500 lit./Ha
Control treatment results Total yield =  40.5 MT/Ha. Fruit splitting rate = 11.4
Soluble solids = 11.5%. Peal: rough, opaque, yellow
Best treatment results Total yield =  56.2 MT/Ha. Fruit splitting rate = 4.4
Soluble solids = 12.5%. Peal: fine, glossy, orange
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase: 15.7 MT/Ha. Splitting rate reduced by 7%
Total soluble solids increased by 1%. Appearance much improved
Therefore, 3 quality factors were markedly improved.
Grower’s revenue from yield:  120.5  US$/MT
Cost of treatment (application + material) 127 US$/Ha
Net benefit of best treatment 1,774 US$/Ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 14
Conclusions Local: Foliar feeding of orange trees is a very efficient tool for improving returns.
Worldwide: The a/m conclusions were arrived at in many locations worldwide.
Reference Cao Gong. Note: the experiment was run in 1993, but not yet included in Haifa reports.

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