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Haifa Group is a world-leading supplier of special plant nutrition. The company's decades of operations have made Haifa a world leader, known for providing innovative solutions in all areas of its expertise, dedicated and accessible to agronomic knowledge for farmers around the world.

Citrus Crop Guide:
All the necessary knowledge needed to provide optimal plant nutrition.
The guide contains extensive information, from general data on growing condition and varieties, to more practical and handy knowledge. Boost yield, reduce fruit drop and splitting and increase fruit size – those are just some advantages. Click here to learn more.
For more crop guides, click the crop guide button in the menu.

Haifa Bonus™:
An innovative & efficient high-K foliar formulation. Haifa Bonus™ is a foliar fertilizer developed to enable spraying of highly concentrated solution which reduces the number of applications needed and without scorching of the foliage. Find out the advantages here.


NutriNet™ - Online Plant Nutrition Management: 
Our state-of-the-art platform takes you to the next level of plant nutrition management.
Smart, Easy-to-Use online fertilization programs for professional growers and agronomy experts using comprehensive and localized data. The most advanced information management system for plant nutrition and fertilization management. Click to get started.

The service is Free of Charge.


FoliMatch™ Application - a personal assistant for foliar spraying: 
Maximize yield and quality with Haifa FoliMatch™ App, the best foliar spray assistant. FoliMatch™ app generates accurate fertilization recommendations based on location parameters, and considering specific phenology stages of the crop. 
FoliMatch™ is available for Desktop version & Mobile via App stores. Click for details.


Fertilizer Conversion Calculator
Check our Fertilizer Conversion Calculator!  A new tool to convert between different units regarding plants nutrients, crop yields, fertilizer applications and more. Start calculating here.


To learn more about Haifa's products and services, please complete the form on the right.

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