Guide to growing raspberries

Abstract: Raspberries will grow almost anywhere provided they are planted on well drained soil. They enjoy a position in full sun or in light shade and prefer a soil with a pH of between 6.5 and 6.7. On heavy soils and on shallow, sandy or gravelly land, soil improvement will be required, for example digging in some well rotted organic matter. If the soil is inclined to be heavy, the canes are best grown on a raised bed, which can be made by digging trenches 45cm (18in) wide, 60cm (24in) from the proposed row of canes and spreading the soil over the bed, allowing it to settle before planting. Alternatively, a planting ridge may be formed by digging the soil towards a centre line on which the canes are to be planted. A well maintained raspberry bed can be expected to provide worthwhile crops for ten to twelve years, before needing to be replaced. It is essential to keep raspberries free from weeds.

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