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Haifa Blog


6 facts pomegranate growers must know

As the health benefits of pomegranate are being scientifically proved, the demand for the fruit is growing at an impressive pace.

1. Pomegranate can grow very well on the moderately alkaline and salty soils with special care. 

2. For different soil characteristics and tree productivity the N level application varies between 80-200 Kg/H. 

3. Excessive or late applications of N may cause excessive vegetative growth, reduce fruit production and quality, and delay fruit maturity and color. 

4. Potassium plays an important role in determining yield, fruit size, and quality. A 1:1 N:K2O ratio is recommended, and a ratio of1:1.25 is recommended for high pH or calcareous soils. 

5. Post-bloom foliar applications of potassium nitrate may increase fruit size and yield and reduce fruit splitting. 

6. Zn is the most common deficiency. During a season, at least 2 foliar applications of Zn, Mn, and B should be applied. 


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