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Haifa Blog


Aardbeienkring Antwerpen

Today we had a very successful seminar with a group of Belgium strawberry growers. During this seminar Haifa North West Europe had the pleasure to talk about the importance of water-quality , how to protect water systems and precise nutrition requirements. Also we've introduced the growers with Haifa's  line of products and various solutions for Soilles Greenhouses.

Haifa North West Europe organised this event along with "Roam Technology" and took place at the trial institute for soft fruit (PCH) in Hoogstraten Belgium.

Roam Technology which is based in Genk, Belgium, is a company that creates effective and sustainable disinfection solutions for various applications such as horticulture, livestock, healthcare and more. The family-owned company’s headquarter, its new state-of-the-art production facility.

Thanks to all the participants and organisers who took part in this event.


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