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Haifa Blog


Accidental fertilizer application of 13-0-46 affecting lettuce plants

Hi all, looking if anyone had any past experiece with this. I seeded romaine, green leaf, and red leaf seedlings into trays. Just as they were about ready to transplant them to the ground, I accidently fertilized them with 13-0-46 water soluble fertilizer, when I should of used 20-20-20. Now as the lettuces reaches maturity and near harvest, the leaves are starting to lose strength, and as if the lettuce is floppy. The leaves are still crisp, but laying on the ground as if slowly dying. Could using the wrong fertilizer when in young planting stage cause it to injure the roots? I still have other plants that are in the enfant stage and wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent the same from happening? Any feedback or experience would be appreciated. Thank you

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