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Haifa Blog


Agriculture news & innovations: keeping you updated

The world of agriculture is ever changing and dynamic. This blog is collecting interesting and important agriculture news items from around the world, so you'll always know what's going on

Agriculture news & innovations: keeping you updated


As the Know-how & Information Center Manager in Haifa, I encounter a lot of agricultural information on a daily basis. As part of our knowledge sharing policy, the purpose of this blog is to share some of this information with you – a combination of important items and interesting news. 

Now let's get started. 

How will the drought raging in Midwest USA affect the fall fertilizer lookout? The next article tries to answer this question: 

The drought affect: the FAO (food and agriculture organization of the United States) food price index is up by 6 percent: 

According to the next article, there's a need for a wiser use in fertilizers throughout the world, if we wish to be able to feed the world's population in the following years: 

Will we all become vegetarians over the next 40 years? According to leading scientists, the forecasted water shortage will force us to change our diet: 

Some good news: researchers discovered a rice gene that could increase the phosphorus uptake, and increase yields by 20%: 

The farmers in Nigeria will get free mobile phones, which will include information on climate conditions, market prices and more:

Agriculture news & innovations: keeping you updated

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