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Haifa Blog


Agronomic Q&A - Urea in hydroponic systems & fertigation

We recieved this wonderful question and hope that all of you can benefit from our answer.
I am inviting you to ask me questions regarding your crops. I will share my tips & recommendations here in Haifa's blog. For questions write to:



"My question is about the Urea in the growing medium. We have always been told that you can not use Urea in these systems as the enzymes are not present as in soil for the conversion of Urea for uptake by the plant. Also you can not measure Urea with an EC meter as with other salts. Also why would you opt for this fertilizer in growing medium? Just cost? It would not be very good at regulating pH".


Regarding your question about urea. Some growers are adding 1-3 (sometimes 5 kg which is the absolute max.) to the tank mix, not for managing the pH in the stock solutions, but for the stage after. What we want or try to manage, is to “destroy’ the “pH fall, or to avoid the pH decreasing which sometimes happened (coming from organic matter, bacterial live). What you mentinoend is true, Urea gives no EC and in the first step the pH rising! And that’s what we want sometimes.

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