Are you ready for " La Niña"?

According to climate scientists, we are in the middle of "La Niña" climate phenomenon that might cause severe weather conditions in many parts of the world until the end of May. La Niña event increases the risk of heavy rainfall and flooding in some regions and drought in others and will affect the agricultural market in first quarter of 2021.
According to FAO warning release from December 2020, this phenomenon puts some countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific at high risk of incurring agricultural losses and seeing food insecurity conditions worsen. 
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According to the FAO's notice, these will be the most affected areas:


La Niña conditions typically reduce December to February/May rainfall in:

East Africa, the southern US, the northern Middle East, southern Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Southern Brazil, northern Argentina, eastern China, the Korean Peninsula, and southern Japan typically see reduced rainfall into January.


La Niña conditions typically increase December to February/May rainfall in:

Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, southern Central America, northern South America, and in southernmost India and Sri Lanka. Australia and Indonesia typically see increased rainfall into December.