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The battle over the wine industry

The latest agriculture news await you here: The Australian wine presents a challenge to the French wine industry; the sparkling wine vineyards in England give hope to struggling rural economies; Brazil faces drops in crops, unless the growers start changing their practices; and why is the American agriculture different from the European one?

Agriculture news & innovations: The battle over the wine industry

The agriculture world never sits still, no matter if it’s a planting, growing or harvest season. Once again, you can find here interesting and relevant agriculture information, curated from different parts of the world. 

Will the Australian wine present a true challenge to the French wine industry? The European wine industry is proactive, and the VI-TIS project develops new instrumentation to boost the quality of the European wine, while reducing production costs: 

Meanwhile, sparkling wine vineyards generate great hope for struggling rural economies: 

The highs and lows: while the Californian agriculture reaches new revenue record - , Brazil faces a drop in crops, a result of the expected rise in the average temperature. The scientists' solution for the Brazilian growers: invest in mixed agriculture systems, and abandon the practice of monoculture - 

Farming as rocket science: Why American agriculture is different from the European variety - 
This interesting article portrays the historical and cultural differences between America and Europe, which led to the difference in their agricultures. 

What's the connection between Bill Gates and fertilizers? Read the previous post -

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