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Haifa Blog


Better cucumber yield and higher net income with combination of CRF and Poly-Feed™ Stim

A trial was set in a commercial cucumber greenhouse in Shenyang, China, to evaluate the effect of Haifa nutritional solution based on CoteN™ Mix and Poly-Feed™ Stim.


* The CRF blend contained 30% coated N

Plant growth was superior with Haifa treatment, as can be seen in the picture:

Stems were stronger and flowering was more intensive. 

Cucumber yield with Haifa treatment was 11.8% higher than the yield obtained with the farmer’s practice, 264.4 kg/ha compared to 236.4 kg/ha.

Although cost of Haifa treatment was higher than the farmer’s practice, grower’s income was increased by 9.1%:

Compared to the farmer’s practice, Haifa treatment with controlled release nitrogen as base fertilizer and Nutrigation™ with Poly-Feed™ UPTAKE resulted in
  • More vigorous growth of the cucumber plant
  • Stronger stems and more flowers
  • Better yield
  • Higher income for the grower


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